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Stay Away, My Clients Saw This House First!

Sometimes, it can feel like a boxing match when other agents are looking at the same property. Hoping to stay out of each others’ way, you focus on trying to make the sale before someone else does. Hang in there, have an edge on the competition using our all-in-one mobile app for real estate agents.

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Scheduling Efficiently Every Day

many people working on scheduling efficiently

There are several myths going around about the day to day schedule of a real estate agent. One of the most untrue is that you have no set schedule. That you could work 3pm to 4pm if you wanted as long as the minimum is covered and you don’t have to be organized or mindful…

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When Family & Friends Use a Different Agent

We know what it’s like to lose clients to other agents, but the worst is when someone in your close family and friends uses a different agent. All you can do is laugh it off, if that’s ever happened to you. Build your Sphere of Influence and maintain relationships using Real Estate Pro – plus,…

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