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Scheduling Efficiently Every Day

September 7, 2021

There are several myths going around about the day to day schedule of a real estate agent. One of the most untrue is that you have no set schedule. That you could work 3pm to 4pm if you wanted as long as the minimum is covered and you don’t have to be organized or mindful about your time. Here’s the scoop though; while you are an independent contractor and it doesn’t feel like you have a boss, the client is your boss and they set your schedule and scheduling efficiently every day will steamroll into success.

Your day as a real estate agent has two main foci in Lead Generation and Business Servicing. Without a lead, you can’t make a sale. Scheduling potential networking events, meeting with potential or existing clients and even scheduling time to do cold calling can make all of the world of difference. Real Estate Pro offers a contemporary scheduling system designed to keep you reminded. Be ready for each and every appointment in a set it and forget it kind of way.  With so many different technologies and systems put together into one platform, Real Estate Pro can keep you on track. Being a major influence in your community is as easy as scheduling efficiently and being active.

Keeping a strict schedule even when it feels hard goes a long way in expanding your sphere of influence and generating leads. Without leads, you can’t feed, so scheduling efficiently is an integral part of your day and shouldn’t be left out.