business people working together to expand their sphere of influence

Sphere of Influence – Maintaining Your Network

September 7, 2021

Many people spend time expanding their Sphere of Influence, only to let it halt while their leads grow colder. Today we’d like to discuss strategies to keep your clients active and the referrals flowing in all year.

Building a Real Estate Agent network can be tricky, but through constant contact, marketing goals, and a system of organization it can become your most useful asset. Everybody knows that being friendly, respectful, and honest goes a long way in building an unforgettable connection with your clients. What can we do to set ourselves apart from every other polite and respectful service professionals?

Organization: The Unsung Hero

Firstly, nobody wants a cookie cutter email from their Agent; it needs a personal touch. Messaging your clients with genuine and useful information lets them know you took the time needed to look into their situation. By building up your client list on Real Estate Pro, you’ll be able to easily keep track of clients and make sure they get a personal touch each week.

Furthermore, we’ve learned that tight, concise scheduling can really go a long way. Sticking to appointments and being as prepared as possible will demonstrate your value in a tangible way. Today’s calendar systems jumble up information from work accounts and even sometimes pulls data in from additional platforms. Nobody wants to keep track of that many accounts. Real Estate Pro keeps it’s calendar dedicated strictly for business, and allows you always have a plan of action.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about producing results for your clients. The more you are able to do for your clients; the more engaged your network will become — and more importantly, remain. Sharing results creates more opportunities, and sharing your successes keeps your sphere of influence at attention and aware of your track record. Real Estate Pro can keep track of any and all successes you’ve been able to mitigate. Real Estate Pro can help show a cutting-edge eye to detail amongst your clientele.